We like to refer to our years at HUTTON as HUTTON years; one year at HUTTON is 7 years somewhere else. If you are a self-motivated person, who loves to learn and thrives in a fast pace environment, this is the place for you. Sometimes it?s a bit crazy around here, but we guarantee the days will go fast, you?ll learn a lot and have fun along the way.

Our Service Philosophy:

We create relationships that instill trust and exceed expectations through customer service, quality, and experience.

We commit to the following standards:


Real Estate Manager


  • Works closely with Clients to identify sites according to their criteria and communicates regularly with Clients throughout the site development process to keep them engaged and informed.
  • Negotiates Purchase Agreements with Seller and Brokers and communicates regularly with Sellers throughout the development stage to keep them informed.
  • Provides direction to Site Planners and Real Estate Coordinators to create site plans, draft land contracts, request development reports, budgets, and assemble and present submittal packages to Clients.
  • Works closely with Civil Engineers and Local Municipalities  
  • Provides good information to Estimators to produce dependable budgets
  • Recruits new Clients and builds and maintains current Client relationships

Preferred Qualities and Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 years relevant experience and/or professional degree
  • Anticipating producing 20 deals a year
  • Travel regularly on site and market tours and meetings with clients
  • Significant Industry Relationships
  • Strong negotiating and presentation skills
  • Ability to prioritize multiple projects and tasks
  • Knowledge of real estate contracts and leases, development documents, and budgets
  • Team Player, Self-motivated to exceed expectations, Organized, Networker