Eric Seebach Director of Leasing



As Director of Leasing, Eric is responsible for both leasing in HUTTON’s new development projects, as well as assisting in the many facets of those developments. While Eric’s position focuses on leasing, he also works on land sales, power center developments, multi-tenant developments, and redevelopments. Eric’s experience in operations, tenant site selection, commercial real estate negotiations, and development leasing span nearly 30 years. Understanding what is important to others and building trust with clients have always been key tenets driving his success. Originally from Rochester, NY, Eric moved to Tennessee in 2007. Eric joined HUTTON’s new multi-tenant program in late 2016 as Senior Leasing Manager after spending more than a decade with CBL & Associates. In mid-2019, he was promoted to Director of Leasing. At HUTTON, he leads a team with 2.6M square footage in portfolio and has worked on over 30 projects since joining the team. He has worked across ten states with a focus in the North East while building his portfolio. He holds a bachelors degree in U.S. History and a masters degree in organizational management. Eric’s passion is travel and broadening his understanding of the worlds cultures.